Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Blue Lagoon, located in southwestern Iceland is a famous geothermal spa. This spa can be spotted on the Reykjanes Peninsula on a lava field known as Grindavik. This is a man-made water body that is filled by Svartsengi geothermal power plant.
Tourists visit this geothermal spa in Iceland for its therapeutic purposes. The waters of Blue Lagoon contains minerals like sulfur and silica, which is known to cure psoriasis, a kind of skin disease. There is arrangement for both swimming and bathing in the Blue Lagoon. The usual temperature of the water is about 99 to 102 degree Fahrenheit.
While visiting Blue Lagoon in Iceland, tourists have to abide by the hygiene code that is strictly followed in this country. Every guest is required to take a shower before bathing in the geothermal pool. Every two days the warm water in the lagoon is renewed from the nearby geothermal power plant.
Due to heavy rush of tourists round the year, it is advisable to book the tickets earlier for a planned visit. The tourist entry-fees for Blue Lagoon generally starts from around $54 during summer and about $43 during winter seasons. There are various amenities and services offered at this region. Selecting an accommodation and / or service provider, guests can make the most of the in-water massages, spa treatments or take guided tours in the lagoon. There are relaxing lounges near the site, where guests can relax and rest after a tour of Blue Lagoon.
Many visitors everyday visit this Icelandic Blue Lagoon. This point of interest in Iceland remains open everyday. This is an awesome experience to bathe or swim in this warm geothermal spring. There are also facilities to take massage, steam room and sauna baths. There are also special holiday hours for tourists. Besides enjoying the exotic Blue Lagoon, relaxing at lounge bars of nearby hotels, tourists can also choose from the local and international food and drink assortments. This is one worthy tourist spot that should not be missed while visiting Iceland. Shore excursions and whale watching are other favorite activities for tourists in Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

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