The world’s Northernmost Capital Reykjavik is the Capital and the biggest city of Iceland. The literal meaning of the word Reykjavik is Smokey Bay. Situated among one of the most beautiful and diverse landscape, this metropolitan city will also satisfy your thirst for the modern lifestyle. You can drop in this city during wintertime—when the weather is mild and you get to enjoy the Nordic Lights (aurora borealis), while during summertime, this city enjoys 24 hours of sunlight. Apart from these amazing unique contrasts of nature, there are also some places and unique experiences which can be enjoyed during your stay to Reykjavik,
• The largest church of Iceland- named Hallgrímur, is one of the most visited places of Reykjavik. The tower of this church is structured as a rocket and is visible from the most part of the city. The design of this church is inspired by the basalt lava of northern Iceland. The top of this church is designed to offer a great view of this city. As this city is windy, the area of the top is closed and there are plenty of windows that offer the view from every angle.
• While in Reykjavik, you must enjoy the wildlife that is on offer. The old harbor of this city is a tourist hotspot, which offers trips in whale watching and puffin-viewing. The small boats get you through the nearby island bays where you can watch puffins in their natural habitat. On the way, enjoy the whales dancing through the waves. The surrounding views with the fishing boats offer excellent photo opportunities.
• The Harpa Concert hall is one of the most famous buildings in Iceland. The historical value of this Concert hall is also great. The legendary Tony Bennett was one of the famous singers who have performed in this famous Concert Hall.
• Your trip to Reykjavik will not be completed without tasting the various foods offered over here. If you are a traveler with a preference of discovering the famous food joints, check out the famous hotdog stand Bæjarins bestu. It is said, that Bill Clinton himself has eaten the hot dog from here.
• If your trip cannot complete without some shopping, head to the main shopping street of the city, Laugavegur. Within all the things you need to buy from this city, include the amazing pearl of öskjuhlíð.
• Also don’t miss the amazing nightlife of this city. Although not so popular in the segment of Alcohol, Reykjavik nowadays is popular for its excellent beers. Among the glaciers, blue Lagoons of Iceland, this excellent city gives you an amazing taste of adventure. Mix up of the metropolitan culture with the flavor of Iceland—the adventure of Reykjavik will be indeed a unique one.

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